Welcome to the Panther Creek Key Club! Key Club is the largest service program for high school students. It is a student-led organization that teaches leadership through service to others. Check the “Events” page for the posts that were formerly on this page. Other announcements will be posted here.

The next general meeting will be on Wednesday, February 28 during B Half of lunch in the auditorium.

If you missed the January general meeting, you can still view the PowerPoint at this link.

For a record of fall hours, please view the following spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10FcJte-XHg27voI45-mDcc0viTa07XvUWEQgKhr2G5w/edit?usp=sharing

For the spring hours log, please ensure that ALL events you volunteer at are either initialed by the adult supervisor– OR put their phone number or email address if initials cannot be obtained. This goes for all events EXCEPT general meetings, after school service projects, and class K-family outings.

If you have any photos from volunteering or from other key club events, submit them to this dropbox to be featured in the scrapbook!